Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Title Sequence Draft 2


This is our sequence draft, we have changed/re-shot some scenes and added the soundtrack. However there are still some mistakes and more changes could be made to make the sequence flow better.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Production Log

Date               Location            People                  Equipment                                                                           Notes

As Kaan was unavailable, it meant our other shots with him can't be used.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Typography, what we decided on

The typography we decided on was:

‘BASIC FONT TITLE’ This is used for the opening credits/cast member names.
’NITE CLUB’ This is used for the title, WOMEN’S BANE.

‘TT moons’  This is used for the company name.


From the poll we decided to use Quirquincho for the soundtrack. However, we will have to mess around with the tempo and speed so it fits the pace of the sequence better. We chose it because of its simple yet slightly creepy undertone. We were debating between this and Gordo Jose, but the sound of the drums in that track washed out all of the other instruments.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Sound Poll


For our soundtrack we are currently deciding between 4 songs on Milton Arias' '64 Antes Del Fin' album. These songs are:

-Gordo Jose




We will conduct a small poll to decide what soundtrack will be used.

Changes made to story

After talking with our teacher, we have completely changed the death scene. Instead of it being shot in a bar (or a setup to look like a bar), we have decided to have our female protagonist take her victim back to her house to kill him there. Now there are more location options within Maddie H’s house. It means we can use the bedroom, that has obvious connotations of sexual activity attached to it, the kitchen where she will spike him drink and have easy access to a staircase.

This will make filming a lot easier with minimal setup needed, meaning we can get straight into filming. Hopefully, these will be the shots we need to complete our title sequence.